As a child, your parents did you wrong. 3 practical ways to reparent yourself and take your power back.

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Madison’s reflection —

“My parents made my life miserable. I was abused by my mother and my father left when I was 11. I worked my butt off. I have a successful career, yet holding onto my childhood’s baggage. I’m struggling in my marriage and my childhood experience is a shadow tagging me around, (sic).”

Parents, in most cases, use what they have to parent themselves and their children.

“Our parents are human.” — Dr. Nicole LePera

What causes child abuse? …

If you like smiling faces, start smiling now.

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Birds of the same feathers flock together. Have you ever seen a chicken flying with an eagle 🦅? Be the person you want to attract. Learn and be the person you wish to see in the world.

Who is your company?

Be the person you want to attract.
If you want to learn something, have an open mind
Your mindset and attitude set a tone
for whom you want in your life.

Believe in yourself if you want believers
in your corner. …

The last queen of France who influenced the French Revolution, the cause of the overthrow of the Monarchy in August 1792.

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“I have ever believed that if there had been no Queen, there would have been no revolution.” — Thomas Jefferson

France’s Monarchy used to be like the British’s Monarchy with the fanfare and luxury.

Marie became the queen at the age of 19 and challenged the royal protocol. During her reign, the French economy took a different turn and ultimately contributed to the Monarchy’s downfall with the French Revolution’s help.

Here are nine truths about Marie Antoinette, the last Queen of France.

  1. Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna was from a royal family in Vienna, Austria. She was the penultimate child and 15th of her parents.
  2. She was married to Louis XVI at the age of 14. …


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