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Good Women Are Better Cheats Than Men: I Cheated On My Honeymoon, And I Caught My Husband Cheating With the Same Person On Our Anniversary

Serena's story part 6: My truth is good women are not saints; they cheat too.

Bassey BY
4 min readMay 28, 2022
Women- Are- Better- Cheats- Than- Men-Photo by Saksham Gangwar on Unsplash

Part 6.

“Don’t cheat if you’re unhappy, leave.” — Unknown.

On our fourth day in South Africa, at 8.30 pm, as usual, my husband left the room.

At about 9.40 pm, I got a text from Amika. I put on my shorts and walked down to the cafe.

I met her at the counter, and she pointed to the left corner of the café. I turned my head and fixed my eyes on two men kissing and one without a shirt — my husband, Jacob.

I almost threw up!

I walked to them and used my iPhone to take a picture of a shirtless Jacob; when he saw me, he jumped up and looked away. Both men appeared shocked, and Jacob seemed embarrassed and speechless. I said to him, "Our marriage is over."

I was furious and too confused to scream.

Good women are better cheats than men

It was not too painful because I was cheating too, but I was angry I caught him being gay — deceitful and vicious.

After two years of dating, he decided to marry me — he wasted my time, energy, and money to be in a sham marriage. Who does that?

I went back to my hotel room and called the airline to change my flight. I called and told Mike what I saw, and Mike was empathic and wished me a safe trip back home.

Jacob came to the room and apologized and said, "I thought I could pray away my life when I married, but it got worst. I was wrong, and I'll pay you everything back.



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