Why I Stay Away From Fast People, Fast Fashion, and Fast Food

The three fasts have three things in common. They are more expensive, bad for your health, and bad for the environment. Here is how to let them go.

Bassey BY
6 min readSep 30, 2020
Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

French fries lift our mood, the fancy nylon blouse gives us excitement, and gossipers give us the bad news we crave.

For me, the three fasts are exciting, palatable, and comfortable.

Three fasts are easily available and rarely last. All are instant gratification and satisfy our emotional needs.

“Gossip is shared by the misinformed, who often sound like fools, while creating ongoing drama and disorder.” — Ty Howard

Fast People

Who are they?

Fast people are some of our relatives, friends, business partners, colleagues, and trolls on social media. They are gossipers, whiners, naysayers, and the nicest people in the world.

My professional and personal experience shows these humans create toxic families, workplaces, and communities. They see nothing good in anything, and they rarely contribute to making things better.



Bassey BY

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