I Was the Other Woman

Courage’s story #9: My paternal grandfather stole my father's estate, and I stole my friend's fiancé and married the man. After three decades of marriage, we had a nasty divorce. Karma is my house guest.

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My name is Courage. Here is my story.

“Conscience is an open wound; only truth can heal it.” — Unknown.

I reflected on my life since my father died, and I thought, “We made it.”

I hate that my mom is not dating. Why is she not dating? I asked her once, and she said, "I cannot find a good man." I hope she finds a good man.

I had sex with my friend's fiancé this morning. My conscience gave me a run for my money. Is Judge Idem’s blood running in my veins?

I did not tell my mother or siblings my feelings for Bello, only my Grandma Starr.

I knew they would have flown to Lagos and talked Bello out of the relationship. Everyone in my family knew Mfonsio and her character.

Mfonsio called and told me what Bello did. She said she would be moving to Germany if she could contact her former boyfriend, Akpama. She explained that her former boyfriend, Akpama, had invited her to visit many times. He is a graduate student and works in an automobile factory.

She lamented that her parents were disappointed with Bello, and her mother cried. She added, "My mother made her clan know that her first daughter would marry a doctor." Mfoniso started crying on the phone and stressed, "all will be well."

Mfonsio: "I believe all will be well. Things will get better. My name means lucky, and I am always lucky. I need to think if I should work for my mom and go to NYSC or spend a few weeks in the UK or Germany.



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