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Why So Much Hate In the World?

Let's talk it out.

Bassey BY
3 min readNov 17, 2022


Why So Much Hate In the World-Photo by Anastase Maragos on Unsplash

Is it a bad mental health issue or hunger?

I don't like politicians who say one thing and do something else. And I detest criminals who make me scared of getting on the train or walking on the public road built by taxpayers.

What about you?

I went to buy a Jamaica patty last Sunday after running a family errand with him. I got to the store, and the cashier was annoyed seeing me. She didn't want to move or do anything. It was late morning, and I understood that a low-paid job was not enjoyable.

The cashier reluctantly helped me get what I wanted, and I handed her my card. She handed over the card and receipt for me to sign. I took a pen and tried to write a tip before I signed, but she ordered with a mean voice, "Sign at the bottom." I thanked her for the service, and she stared at me and made a silly face.

That Face

I didn't know what had happened to her, but I observed bitterness and resentment on her face and shoulders. Why me? Was it my accent or my body? Yes, she is human and maybe a good person.

Any uncontrollable hatred takes time, energy, and, sometimes, negatively affects our good health.

A few questions and comments to help us know why we hate people we hardly know.

  1. Do they remind you of your former narcissistic spouse or someone who dumped you two decades ago?
  2. Do they remind us of our mean mother, father, son, daughter, friends, sister, Mother-in-law, or annoying boss?
  3. Do they remind you of your child who never calls or gives you the time of day?
  4. Do they remind us of the secret life we choose to keep private?
  5. Is she a woman who is not as skinny or heavy as you, does well in life, or knows what they want for themselves? And we hate what we see and don’t have.
  6. Is it human nature to hate others?
  7. Why are we bitter and…



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