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Who Is Entitled To What And By Whom?

Are you entitled to be paid by your parents, spouse, siblings, children, hard-working people, billionaires, or the government? Who is the government?

Bassey BY
3 min readSep 30, 2022


Who Is Entitled to What and By Whom?Photo by Marie-Michèle Bouchard on Unsplash

“Hope and power abound when I take responsibility for myself in the here and now.” — Earnie Larsen.

I got myself into trouble the other day, and I have my ears full of beautiful words from a handsome and entitled prince.

I’ve heard many things, but this one passed me in a Nigerian way. This young man, a college student, casually suggested on a train full of good people, “The government can print more money.” Yes, a college student didn’t remember his basic economic lessons in ninth grade.

We all are entitled to get something from the government. Who is the government? Join the conversation and leave your comment below.

^ James wants the government to print more money, pay him to watch Netflix all day, and get his meals delivered by an immigrant Uber driver.

^ Maria, a college student, wants her mom to FedEx her laundry back and forth from NY to MA. Way to go, Maria.

^ Kim wants her partner to be home at 6 pm for dinner and make more money for her never-ending fancy vacation.

^ Steve wants his spouse to be his brain at home 24/7, but his brain works at his powerful job. A job where he crisscrosses five continents.

^ Millionaires want hard-working people without health insurance to pay their legal bills with a weekly donation of $10. Okay, they are entitled, period.

^ Jena demands that billionaires share their bank accounts with her because she rents her brain to them for ten hours daily doing social media.

^ David forces his wife to make him a homemade meal every evening because he is the head of the household. He confesses hearing from his god.

“Hope and power abound when I take responsibility for myself in the here and now.” — Earnie Larsen.

How is entitlement working in your house or village? Tell us more about what…



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