Well done, Allison!

I read each line of this story. For my personal and professional experience, all are true.

Black women deserve healthy relationships.

Most importantly, they can date or marry people they want or who they love.

A decade ago, a friend chose not marry a man who cared for her. Why? Her affluent family and some friends were against the man’s race and class. Then six years ago, her brother married a person from different race and class. Today, she helps care for her brother’s children while he takes his wife to anniversary getaway. Good stuff!

I am from a different backgrounds, but I think all women must be treated with respect from family members and friends. Black women are not family’s property, or children, or Ms. ATM. Black women can think for themselves.

We can open our mind and eyes and welcome other men. Sad — many black men are not coming home. Think about that.

I appreciate you and your work. Thanks.

LMSW🧠Social Worker* Lifestyle Consultant* Health/Recovery Coach*I enjoy organizing, investing, & puzzling *My stories help you think & grow* Kulifestyle.com

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