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Trans-Women Can Do The Right Thing

Leave women's sports categories. It's your right to fight for yours — Trans-women categories in sports. And society can create a space for you as she did for women in the 70s.

Bassey BY
3 min readDec 7, 2023


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Sport is all about fairness.

Most sports have women's and men's categories. In some areas, men and women are placed in divisions 1, 2, or 3 based on individual skills. Last, sports have different categories for children, youth, and people with disabilities.

Come with me

Many sports try to include everyone, and a few exclude people based on age, gender, and ability.

The soccer club in my backyard is for women above 50; women under 50 have theirs, and no man is allowed.

Why this story?

For quite a while now, there has been much controversy about women's sports being hijacked by trans-women. I didn't tune in until recently after I read and discovered an unfair situation in women's sports.

Trans-women taking trophies and biological women clapping for them.

Get this

Many people make excuses, point fingers, and worse, make comparisons with black people's exclusion in sports in the US.


Black people were excluded from all things beneficial in the US, and the growth of slavery continues to hurt the United States and Americans until now.

But trans-women taking over women's sports is not a case of discrimination for people who want to be honest with themselves — critical thinking.

Simply, it's fair play in the sport we are talking about.

In many of our homes, our grandfather, father, uncle, brother, male spouse, sons, and brothers do the hefty work in the house.

Too often, I observed men movers lift heavy things, and women in the crew always wrap or carry small items.

Whenever my partner vacuums a carpet in our home, it is constantly refreshed…



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