So true! Kindness matters. Energy matters more.

I was not born in this country and I rarely noticed racism. Yes, I have experiences, but it is different from people who went to elementary school — College in the US.

My children stories are unbelievable, but true. A mother in our progressive city disinvited my son ( 6th grader ) to Halloween party host by her son, my son’s friend. It was painful for my son because he got the phone an hour before the party!

I got the school counselor involved and she told me that the mother was a racist and wanted to take up the matter to the administration, but I said, No! Learning !

Thank you for sharing. Have a fun Saturday!

LMSW🧠Social Worker* Lifestyle Consultant* Health/Recovery Coach*I enjoy organizing, investing, & puzzling *My stories help you think & grow*

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