Things to Do When You Doubt Yourself

Self-doubt is real. It happens — We can learn to focus and take action

How often do you give yourself credit for both your small, as well as significant accomplishments?

Sam is a medium built 6ft 4 inches tall man. He recoiled as he narrated his frustration and pain. Sam is miserable because he stutters. Stuttering makes him feel insecure, anxious, and he questions other areas of his life. After a few weeks of practicing strength posture exercises for 15 minutes daily, his confidence has increased. Sam has learned how to give himself credit and uses his strengths to his advantage.

How is your experience with self-doubt? OK! When was the last time you graciously accepted credit for your accomplishments?

Self-distrust happens to many people at least once. Action helps. Our efforts every day can decrease or erase our self-doubt.

Embrace Your Strengths And Take Action

Many people experience self-doubt, from Albert Einstein to your best friend, who seems perfect on the outside.

Albert Einstein struggled as a child and his younger sister, Maja confirmed this in his biography, ‘Einstein: His Life and Universe’ by Walter Isaacson. She said, at a young age, “Albert had such difficulty with language.”Walter Isaacson added, “some said, he might have exhibited mild symptoms of some developmental disorder.”

What do you know about Albert Einstein? Was he a person with self-doubt? Albert was a brilliant man who took the science community by storm — -he developed the theory of relativity.

Embrace your strengths and take action. Get to know your strengths and review the areas where you have the most doubt and figure out why this is so.

How can you use your strengths to solidify your weaknesses?

Remember Sam. He was doubtful because of his speech problem. He felt different among his friends and became frustrated and angry. He wanted to be like his friends without paying attention to his height and physical fitness. He was in better shape than all his friends. His mindset was ‘I am a stutterer’, and he unconsciously defined himself by this one aspect of his life.

Later, Sam realized how special he was, took action, and stopped worrying about how he talks and his friends. Sam practiced using his height to occupy space, stand tall with squared shoulders, and have a super friendly smile. After a few weeks of implementing these skills when he was with his friend and colleagues, Sam shows up — - his eyes lit up and he has a wide smile. And he said, “I am no longer preoccupied with my speech impairment.”

An answer to your self-doubt — Take action that gives you satisfaction.

Focus On Your Past Accomplishment And Take Action.

Speak truth to the power for what you have done.

Amina is a high school junior, who is almost failing her Calculus Math class. The school counselor suggested that she drop the class.

She became dejected and doubted her ability in Math.

At home, she discussed the problem with her mother, Rose. Her mother reminded her of a similar experience she had in Middle school with a Spanish class. Rose asked her, “What did you do, Amina.”

Amina responded, “Oh! Right, I remember. I am not dropping the Calculus class.” Instead, Amina put more effort into the Calculus class and did well in the following quizzes and tests. Amina focused on her last accomplishment, took action, studied more, and passed the class.

Can you review any small or big victory you had before? Maybe it was yesterday, last month, or ten years ago. No matter when or what it was, explore, and see how you can use the experience to trash any self-doubt in your current situation.

For example, I lost my job once. I was shocked and was in disbelief for days. One early morning, I got up and went for a long walk, and a thought appeared from nowhere of a different way of making a living. I reflected on how I got my last job and examined my side job and hobby. That morning walk produced an idea, which started a series of businesses I have had for more than a decade now.

That tiny action of taking a morning walk gave me a business idea, and that moment my self-doubt was minimized.

Therefore we learn that our actions increase our self-confidence.

Celebrate Your Tiny Victories And Practice Gratitude

How often do you give yourself credit for your tiny as well as your significant accomplishments?

Good things are to come. Leave self-distrust behind. Be courageous and gratified in your small accomplishments, and celebrate small wins.

How do we celebrate small wins? We force ourselves to look beyond our flaws.

What is your uniqueness, the hidden treasure, or tiny successes? Do you have a job you hate? Do you have a remarkable height, or walk a mile every day?

Maybe you read to your child everynight, or you closed your first deal, or earned a few dollars for a commission? Instead of questioning your small accomplishment, celebrate it, and observe your confidence grow to achieve more.

What is your story? What is it that takes you down the hill? Look around and be grateful and celebrate what you have — boost your self-confidence to do more.

Check out your hidden treasure and uniqueness. Did you lose a job because of COVID-19. Celebrate being alive and well.

What gives you satisfaction in life?

Celebrate that and use it to decrease your self-doubt. The saying goes, start with what you have and where you are — take action today and start growing and reducing self-doubt.

Do you doubt your writing skills? Start writing. Are you worry about your finances? Get a side job and polish your money management skills.

Remember our Sam. His eyes lit up and he had a broad smile all because he practiced and implemented a powerful pose when interacting with people. He is still stuttering, but he focuses and celebrates his strength and uses it to his advantage.

If you live in the US, you may be aware that the presidential candidate Mr. Joe Biden stutters. He has been a politician most of his adult life, and as a politician he speaks all the time.

How often do we focus on our weaknesses or tell ourselves crazy stories?

Find treasure in your hardship and the things you cannot control and take proper action. Focus on your past accomplishments, and celebrate both your tiny and big wins.

Help yourself grow!

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