The Benefits of Writing a Comment Here

Are you a new writer? Do you have fewer than 500 fans or readers? Your comments on others’ stories can pay dividends. 4 ways.

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I have fewer than 100 fans and readers. What about you?

Writing a comment here takes time and energy. Why? I have to read an article twice if it’s long or difficult to read or an essay on a technical subject. Why do I take the time to read a story and spend my energy to reflect on it? It works for me, and often my comment drives readers to my profile.

Readers pay your bill, and clappers make you happy.

The benefits of writing a comment here:

I. Free advertisement

Your comment is more than a story. Because of your thoughtful comment, many readers and writers will check your profile, and a few writers will read your article too.

Your name and your point of view are out there for readers and writers to admire or distaste. In my experience, this is the best way I get fans and readers.

Some readers follow me after they’ve read my comment from others’ stories. They are the fans who read my work and rarely clap for my articles.

What to know

Readers pay for our craft.

II. Gain fans, readers, and followers

Your thoughtful comment can bring you more fans, readers, and followers. Find the time to read others’ work before you leave a comment. I don’t leave a thoughtful comment in most articles I read. Why? Because it takes time for me to process others' perspectives, especially writers I disagree with on some issues. When I do, some of my comments gained more readers, fans, and followers than many of my published articles.

What to know

Readers read your work because they like you or they don’t like you. Fans admire you and read everything you write. Yep, fans make you a bestseller, rarely the best writer.

III. Establish your authority in the area of your experience



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