Take A Break

Yessba Kreations

Keep life simple. It makes no sense to many people until the outbreak of COVID- 19.

We are losing control of doing what we want. We are giving away our freedom and changing our long-held beliefs. Wow!

  • Connections — a woman received a call from her estranged daughter. They have no spoken for more than 6 years. Families are spending more time in their natural environment, homes. Neighbors are helping neighbors. More people get to know how dangerous the health care workers' job is — — same as a war zone or fire fighting.
  • Creativeness — - human nature makes us be creative in any situation. We see the car and beer companies making masks and ventilators. School, house of worship, and some job go online. Restaurants deliver more food to our homes. Importantly, many families cook, play, pray, read, and work together at home.
  • Control — — data shows social distancing is working. Before the Covid-19, many of us thought we can control everything — a complicated life. More stuff, more spending, sporting, and partying. Now, we are embracing our creativeness in actions —

simple lifestyle; do with what we have and need

Replace toilet paper with other things. Learn how to cook a meal if you do not have a delivery service. Clean your home and help your cleaning person and baby-sister if you can.

Go and donate your time, money, and resources. Simple living saves lives, energy, and time.

Help youself grow!

LMSW🧠Social Worker* Lifestyle Consultant* Health/Recovery Coach*I enjoy organizing, investing, & puzzling *My stories help you think & grow* Kulifestyle.com

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