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New Writers: What Medium Community Is And What She Is Not

A thriving community with all levels of writers changing the world for the better. Please, get to know her.

Bassey BY
3 min readAug 14, 2022
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The first thing to know

This community is not a cult recruiting ground for members. An in-house psychologist watches your feelings and ensures that you don’t cause more damage to your clique members and the community. How? They’ll delete your account if they suspect you’re leading vulnerable members here to hell fire.

Okay! I’m done with the public announcement.

Why do you write? Why are you here?

Are you a new or an experienced writer? Maybe you are an accomplished writer featured on the NYT bestseller list or write for your hometown newspaper but new here.

First, learn about what Medium community is not and what she is.

What this community is not

  1. A High School lunchroom, a PTA general assembly, or a neighborhood market square,
  2. A church hallway, corner office, or a private golf course,
  3. A private Facebook group,
  4. A toxic workplace or home,
  5. A fixed mindset or repugnant culture.

*** Cult recruitment center. Too often, a cult leader starts with good intentions and grabs your emotion, wins you over, and destroys you. Be careful who you follow and work with or for. Choose not to believe lies.

What the Community is

  1. A place where you can be yourself. A place you can use your writing to make the world better — you matter, your voice matters. No editing!
  2. She is a learning universe. You can learn from everyone and everything here — what to do and what not to do.
  3. Affordable therapy for many people — express your feeling and opinion. Please seek professional help if you have mental health issues, any form of trauma, or a nasty divorce.
  4. It is a place you can…



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