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My Nice Roommate Stole My Term Paper

Part 2: My research paper disappeared, and the professor found my roommate's name on it. What the heck!

Bassey BY
3 min readNov 21, 2022


My Nice Roommate Stole My Term PaperPhoto by Kentaro Toma on Unsplash

Jacob's story.

My name is Jacob, and I attend college in Los Angeles, CA.

What next! I had no bad feelings or assumed anything about this person I had lived with for almost three months. Now, I am beyond confused and feel furious with him without any evidence.

I reminded myself that Don was a nice guy who liked to help others with his parent's money, and there was no way he would steal my research paper.

My roommate stole my term paper.

I didn't see my roommate in the morning because he had gone for the day. I had Dr. Cooper's class at 8.30 am.

I decided not to do anything about the stolen paper. And I went straight to Dr. Cooper's office, and luckily, I met her, and she asked, "Do you have an appointment this morning?" I said, "No, but it's something serious I need to talk to you about." She stood up, took her green bag, and said, "Go ahead." I told her my story, and she said without asking any questions, "One of my students stole your paper. It often happens these days in college and my courses. Can you write a few things you remember and email me as quickly as you can."

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As she walked out, she murmured, "Helicopter parents are making things worse for serious students on this campus."

My thought: "I remember in high school; they removed one of our best teachers because he gave zero to a student whose attorney parent did their assignment. Is this happening to me?"



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