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My Nice Roommate Stole My Term Paper

My research paper disappeared, and the professor found my roommate's name on it. What the heck!

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3 min readNov 21, 2022


My Nice Roommate Stole My Term Paper-Photo by Kentaro Toma on Unsplash

Jacob's Story.

My name is Jacob, and I attend college in Los Angeles, CA.

My professor, Dr. Cooper, is old school, and she required hard copies for her assignments. Who will do that in 2022? But she can because she's a tenured professor and does what she wants.

She gives all her assignment during office hours. Again, she's one of the few professors on campus who goes out of her way to help students. I don't like her office hours because sometimes, we talk about the professor's resume and all her trophies staring at us on the four walls of her office. Dr. Cooper has been on the block since she had a landmark research at twenty-one. Right, she got her Ph.D. at twenty-one.

Who needs a college education these days?

Okay, I do. College helps me question many lies and half-truths I have known all my life. Second, I like my friends, and Dr. Cooper makes learning practical and fun. You can do her assignments as you want and get ready to answer strange questions from her. Her questions always make me feel like I didn't do my best work. She is brilliant and enjoys teaching.

Professor Cooper's paper

A night before the assignment's due date, I got to my dorm room late and noticed someone had moved my laptop. I didn't care because I had printed my paper a day earlier and put it in my backpack. In the morning, I checked my bag and didn't see it. I went to print it again and didn't see it on my google drive. It disappeared with all my other work.

Wow. What could I do? Dr. Cooper takes 50 points off for any late assignment. And she does not accept any excuse unless you are admitted to a hospital three days before the assignment's due date.

I couldn't make up for what happened to the assignment. The paper was not a rush work for a few hours or days. I had some notes, but it took me ten hours to gather all the data, interviews, and photos and edit to finish the project. I worked on the research paper for about…



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