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My Mom Cut Me Out Of Her Will

There are always two sides to every story. We may not know the harsh truth if we don’t ask direct and honest questions from primary sources.

Bassey BY
6 min readNov 14, 2022
My Mom Cut Me-out of Her- Will- SHVETS production

Part V

My name is Laura, and I live in Burlington, Vt. The area Senator Bernie Sanders has represented for about three dozen years.

I heard a little truth from JB. I’m sure Grandma’s estate is mine, and I will make it bigger than she left. I don’t know why she willed her estate to me, but I will ask her direct questions when I visit her next week. Maybe our conversation will give me the window into why my mom cut me out of her will. I plan to spend a few days with her before returning to Vermont.

My mom cut me out of her will, and when I heard it, I was so disappointed. Why? Because her action made me revisit my painful childhood experience — failed adoption and how she and her husband treated me.

When my sister told me about my mother’s will, my childhood drama held me hostage, and I became self-absorbed and somehow hated my mom. You can blame me. I’m human. However, I didn’t reflect on my mom as an individual — a pregnant fourteen-year-old driven out of the family home because of a family reputation.

I thought that was an appalling culture then, and now, I remind myself not to use today’s world to judge my mom and my grandparents.

Lunch with JB

My lunch with JB went well, and we had a productive conversation about our life, family, and community. We got to know each other a little, and I believe we can become business partners. We have more in common than our differences. Therefore, we can work with our commonalities.

Get this.

There are always two sides to every story.



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