My Friend Died Yesterday

You guess right; COVID-19.

Bassey BY
2 min readApr 15, 2020


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Stay home if you can. Social distancing works!

My friend was a bright light in the room. He got married in November 2018. He joked, “your presence makes me feel so special.” I choose not to attend night events and rarely attend any late-night celebrations. But he was the person I didn’t want to miss his special occasion.

Six of my friends have COVID-19. Four recovered and returned to their healthy life. One is recovering at home and in good spirits.

One is dead. One is a breast cancer survivor. And others have good health conditions, excellent health insurance, and access to early testing and power to FEDEX, the untested drug from Nigeria.

All but one used the untested drug, and most of them had unproven medicines for treating malaria.

I am here writing this article, and you are there alive. What makes us still healthy and active is our access to a better quality of life or our five-minute drive to a well-equipped hospital in our neighborhood. Possibly because of our world-class health care providers or the grace of our GOD. My God loves everyone!

The COVID-19 has exposed health care disparities in the USA — the have and the have-not health care services.

The United States is one of the most powerful countries in the world. She chooses not to provide access to quality health care to her most vulnerable citizens. No decent room to house corpses in the United States of America. Sad!

What can we do?

Love your neighbor as yourself. Be a good samaritan in our location. Ask and receive help or help others as much as we can. We can do better than our politicians/government.

Vote, volunteer, and run for a political office

Take great care of yourself. Continue to practice social distancing and stay safe!

Help yourself grow!




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