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My CEO Saves Me From Wearing A Hot Wig

I enjoy my work and compensate well for my skill, but wearing a wig was killing me. Ask, and you will receive — how my CEO saved me from leaving the job I loved.

Bassey BY
5 min readAug 7, 2023


My CEO Saves Me From Wearing A Hot WigPhoto by JodyHongFilms on Unsplash

Can you imagine in a free country where a corporate employee has no say about what she wears?

I was recruited by my mentor when I interned at this company. It’s the only job I’ve had since I left college. I did what my mentor suggested and what I observed as a part of the company culture.

In my first meeting with my mentor before accepting the job offer, she related a story of when a rising star management staff was let go because she changed her hairstyle. I thanked her for the information and followed the company rule to the T.

It was okay, but as time passed, I was uncomfortable with my clothing. However, I loved my job, my clients, and many of my colleagues. The pay was terrific, good as I made more for the company.

Then what!

I had enough of being uncomfortable with the professional hairstyle, the wig. I loved my job, and my number did not disappoint the company. The corporate job gave me many peaks, and I worked hard for six years. I wanted to grow with the company but couldn’t take it anymore.

One Friday evening, my CEO, Alan, visited my department. Alan was a gentleman and liked to talk with anyone.

He was raised by a single mother and experienced a hard life growing up. Maybe that is one of the reasons he acted like a normal person, and his conversations after work hours often centered around our personal life. He liked to talk about his wife of two decades and how they divorced five times and married again — his joke.

I liked him a lot because he had never made me uncomfortable as a single Black woman. From my own angle, I knew he had a happy family, and at work, he was always cheerful and made things easier for everyone.

Remarkably, when he fired people, he recommended them for another job.



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