You have the power to do the right thing — Get to work!

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There’s no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one — Jill Churchill

Get to work — All Mothers. White women. All women!

Motherhood is a challenging and rewarding job. The world exists because of you.

You make the world run, and you can destroy her too. You hold unto your family tradition and defend it with all your might. You watch over your family legacy like a Hawk, ready to smash intruders.

We show our children how to treat us and others

Mothers care for their children more than any other thing in the world. And she defends her children as a Lioness defends her Cubs against enemies. When your children are hungry, you provide for them by all means. Sometimes, you do the unthinkable things to put food on the table. Can you remember the worst thing you did to feed or protect your children?

Children memorize their mother's instructions as they memorize verses of the Bible or play lines.

Our children carry our gene and hold on to our values — We reap what we sow!

Mothers stay awake all night when their children are sick or just crying. Also, we know any child who doesn't allow the mother to sleep; will never sleep.

I am not emotional, but last week, I shed tears with a heavy heart and a tiny hope. I believe George Floyd's video also shook many human beings worldwide. Warning — -It can cause PSTD.

Something has to change in our hearts, families, communities, and institutions. We cannot remain silent.

Let's get to work. White mothers join us and do the right thing:

  • Call our children and relatives and ask that they protest as much as they can and do it peacefully. Join them in protest, or do what you can.
  • Change our family discussion about Black people when our front door closes.
  • Show our children how to treat and value all lives — -pro-life for the unborn and pro-life for Black people.
  • Change our core values — racism, 'Christian beliefs,' and hatred. Pay attention to your friends/in-laws, boardrooms, work environments, law enforcement, schools, hospitals, neighborhoods, churches, and social service agencies.

We are better than racism. Let us mobilize women in our little world and get to work. We need peace and tangible change — for Black people to be alive and free in America — democracy.

Help yourself grow.

Thank you for reading!



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