Justice Amy Coney Barrett: A Lesson for Women

She is a woman and a mother. Please choose not to blame her for getting the job. A woman and a mother saved the seat for her. Call Amy and tell her your personal stories. Use your power and help her see herself in you.

I am an activist. My grandmother, Adiaha Orok, was a political activist. My mother and my daughter are too.

As an activist, I have to confess that I see things as black and white, but I work hard to see all colors as a woman. For me, I am at peace and free when I see many colors and listen to offer sincere empathy. Is it easy for me, “No”? As always, you have the right to hold onto your personal view and use your power for the common good.

Amy’s record shows she is a black and white individual like many of us. We can be honest just for today. However, she is a US Supreme Justice for everyone. And I guess she can partially put aside her political activism, follow the rule of law, serve all Americans, and use her power for the common good.

When you have power, use it. I’m over with Amy’s appointment because I think a woman saved the seat for her, and also, for years, activists deprived a Black woman a seat in the US Supreme — my view.

What do you think of the politics of the US Supreme Court Seat? Who is Justice Sandra Day O’Connor? How was her voting record in the US Supreme Court?

How to Help Justice Amy Coney Barrett:

Use our power for the common good. Call her and tell her our true stories. Tell her your personal stories and put faces into your stories — healthcare, police brutality, women’s rights to their body, voting rights, freedom for Black Girls’ hair, immigration, equal pay for equal work, and others. As a mother, I hope she remembers motherhood in some of her cases as Robert reflects on fatherhood with some of his votes.

It’s over; she is sitting in the court today. We can do one thing in the next 50 years — help her see herself in us.

Amy Is Us

“It’s just like your son or daughter wakes you up one morning and says to you, “Mom or Dad, I’m gay.” Or, your husband of 29 years takes you to a fancy restaurant, and at the end of a fantastic dinner, he says to you, “ Eta, I love you, but I’m not attracted to you anymore. I filed for a divorce yesterday, and I’m dating your best friend, Sam. I’ll give you everything you want. Please don’t contest the divorce. We can respect our children and your parents.” (sic). The end. Period!

Hold your breath; parents always seem shocked when their children said to them, “ I’m gay.” Parents rarely pray away gay or the eyes color of their children.

Sure, well-behaved or lovely couples can get a divorce anytime. No condition is permanent. As humans, we are all fallible and complicated. When a fake lover leaves, mourn as much as you can, move on with your life, and look for a true lover.

Mr. Obama’s new book is out on Amazon. I hope to read it next month — free in my local library. I've admired Mr. Obama since he was a young legislator in the Illinois State Senate. But as the US President for eight years, he missed many opportunities to offer a Black woman a seat in the Supreme Court. At that time, Black women chose not to call him out or demand compensation for their votes. Women, when you have power, use it — value yourself.

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  1. A popular church in NYC prided herself on caring for the needy and the oppressed. In the 90s, she was known to help many people overcome drug addictions and illegal prostitution. When the pastor’s son chose his bride, the church found her as faulty. Why? The church believes a former prostitute was not a good bride for the heir to the pulpit, a family business. The pastor’s son had his way and helped the church practice what they preach. He reminded the church board of directors and congregation, “ You need to read your Bible; specifically, the Saul turned Paul story.”
  2. Amy is a woman and a mother of seven. No big deal, but some women have a problem with how she can be a Justice and care for her family— sound stupid and sexist, but women think that way too. Would women comment about a man with seven children taking a job? I have no issue with Amy and her seven children. Amy has a privilege with all the help in the world. And me too. My concern is for many women worldwide without help, and some who cannot even survive because of their gender — a girl or a woman.
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Use your power now. As women, we have to wake up and search our conscience to move society forward. All of us will never agree on all issues or lifestyle, but we can help one another grow. Men have their own problems, but I observed how often they helped one another grow. “I hear you; Oh, Bassey, It’s the men’s world, is a patriarchy society .” “You are right. It’s true!” “Who raised men? Who preserves the repugnant culture in our society?” When my children turned 13, my mother bought an expensive gold necklace for my daughter and bought a leather wallet for my son, and each child was given specific instructions. She is a feminist. It's OK to laugh.

It starts with me. I need to be conscious of my words and actions. Let us focus on the common good — justice for all.

Help yourself grow.

For my readers — I write stories with practical lessons to help us grow . I’ve been a social worker for more than two decades, obtaining professional experience from real people issues, and using some of those experiences as examples in my writings. I don’t do pity party in my stories but encourage, inspire, and empower you to take action. Right action solve problems, but pity party ruins creativity, massage misery, and perpetuate a community syndrome.

My brain surgeon has no brain injury, but she is honest with my diagnosis and offers me world-class counseling and advice. Thanks for your understanding, as personal trauma stories are not a core of my writing🦅.

LMSW🧠Social Worker* Lifestyle Consultant* Health/Recovery Coach*I enjoy organizing, investing, & puzzling *My stories help you think & grow* Kulifestyle.com

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