Black Like Me — John Griffin

Empathy is a powerful weapon to understand racism

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nvesting journalism is the engine of a civilized society —- democracy.

This book is not perfect, but it will drive us to start a conversation in our little world. George Floyd’s video did a remarkable job.

Pick other books written by black women and men from your local library or bookstore and learn from them.

Listen to understand and ask direct questions.

Black experience can be unbelievable or strange but have an open mind. Do you believe rape or domestic violence survivors?

Immigrant black parents, please listen to your children who were born and attended or attend K-12 grade in the US. I did a terrible job, and my daughter’s story left me emotionally drained.

Last week, she told me hundreds of her American black experiences, but her Chemistry lab experience continues to torture me every second. She concluded, “I am still in my major because my parents are immigrants. Brilliant black students left the program because they couldn’t endure humiliation and tortured by students, professors, counselors, and lab assistants.”

We all can do something. It all depends on what we do — dinning table discussion and when our front door closes. Our actions speak louder than words.

Use your platform today!

Help yourself grow!

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