How To Live A Less Stressful Life.

Empower yourself — 3 things to do now.

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We are not God.

We cannot fix people, but ourselves.

We cannot change our height or the length of our fingers. Too much stress is not good for us

Stress makes your heart unhealthy. It signals that you are a perfectionist. Also, you value pleasing people (superiority complex), and house tons of unwanted stuff in your mind and closet. Go now and do these 3 things —

Live Your Life on Your Own Terms the power of freedom. Empower yourself and create your lifestyle. Free yourself from people’s expectations and opinions unless they matter. Because if you don’t, you ‘ll waste your time, energy, talent, and sadly your life — illness.

Why are you a people pleaser? Is this a way to hide your own needs? Are you trying to control people, things, and the environment? Journal your thoughts and feelings.

Imagine being your authentic self for a day. Take some stress off, stand up, and speak out for yourself. Practice assertiveness today with two people — NO. I can’t. Let me think about it. That is not what I believe. It is not my style. No, thank you. I need help today.

Macy left her corporate job because she was unhappy. A remarkable job with great benefit and a ‘supportive’ environment, but she had massive stress. She complains, “I felt so much stress with what I was wearing. I got stuck with dull colors and nice wigs, which I hated. I was dying inside but offered a fake smile for 12 years. Playing games with my life was disgusting. I’m free and happy now even though I make peanuts.”

How do you live true to yourself? Focus on who you are. Get to know yourself on a personal level and value your life. Own your worth, and enjoy what you do. Go now, and be you and do you.

Mind You Own Business

The first book of Thessalonians advises us to mind our own business and work with our hands. How can you decrease your stress level by minding your business? Be brutally honest with yourself and make a change. It is a waste of time and energy, trying hard to be everything to everyone.

It is startling that people poke their noses in others’ businesses. When you are nosy — you are just looking for trouble and putting your health in danger.

Joyce Meyer, a renowned gospel teacher, in her book, ‘100 Ways to Simplify Your Life,” assessed how she was caught up discussing her neighbor’s mansion and singleness. Joyce and her husband continued talking about this person; then, she realized that both of them were mingling in their neighbor’s business. Anyone can fall into a lot of stress when poking her/his nose into others’ lifestyles. You become mad, anxious, and joyless for months or years.

I practice three things. I asked myself before I got into others’ businesses, including family members. Does what they are doing affects my pocketbook, health, or time? If not, I let it go. If it does, I do something about it right away. Wow! What about my children and spouse? Hurry and change your behavior; the person will leave you alone.

Think of stress like this — when you think everyone in your house or all your friends should do what you do or eat what you eat. Yep! Sometimes, we all do that, nosing into people’s thoughts, fancy cars, mansion, hot husband/wife, spoiled children, and fake happy family. Stop doing it for your health!

Do you want less stress? Then lower your expectations of others. Trivial things like what your friends drive or wear are not your business. Your high standard and values are excellent for you alone. You cannot change people, but yourself. Mind your business.

Clear and Clean the Clutter

Focus on what is important to you. What values do you attach to dated memory, things, and people? Trust yourself and start chopping off the stress — the baggage of hurts or a closet full of clothing you do not wear. Last, people who call or visit when they want to dump their emotional baggage on you or ask for money to be wasted.

Let loose off the offenses and things we don’t need or want. Cut out people who talk, gossip, complain, and take no actions or adult children who choose not to grow up. What or who is draining your finances, energy, and time? Clear and clean out the stress.

A drama-free life worths living and celebrating for you and your family. I’ve experienced the difference. Many years ago, I used to packed 7–13 boxes when traveling to Nigeria. Now, I go with one checked-in bag. Fewer bags, less or no stress! And in return, happiness, relaxation, and enjoyment with my family and friends.

You can only give others what you have. If you have joy, you are likely to give it to people. Same with others. Lower your expectations when interacting with people, things, and your environment. Less is better. We are in the era of minimalism — join the gang!

The secret of a less stressful life — mind your business, bright and clean the clutter, and stop living someone else’s life. Because your life matters, just do it.

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