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How to Get The Rich Out of Your Pocketbook

If you can't beat them, join them. Learn more.

Bassey BY
3 min readJan 31, 2023


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I made a deal with my housemate, and we stopped ordering Uber Eats and calling laundry people.

Last week, I talked with my housemate, Matt, after he cursed the DoorDash driver nonstop.

I was pleasantly surprised, and I peeked through the window and saw the driver running away from the madness.

The driver looked like a middle-aged man, tall, medium built, and wore a well-made dark brown loafer.

I ran downstairs and asked Matt what the problem was. He was angry that they charged him more than he expected. I investigated his claimed and asked to see the recipe. The meal recipe total was $51.22. Delivery and tip were $18.

"OMG, $51.22 for lunch! That must be a mistake." I guessed.

I joked that he was a rich man. Matt fought back and was angry with me for mentioning the rich man.

"The rich man! The rich are milking our economy, destroying everything in this country, and we don't have middle class anymore." He said.

The secret is that his parents paid for his graduate school, and his grandmother paid his rent for two years.

Matt continued hammering on the rich for a few seconds, cursing them out and educating me on how they make themselves rich — the Bezo, the Gates, the Musk, the Royals, etc.

It was out of character for Matt to talk like this, but $51.22 was a little too much for a graduate student. I empathized with him and suggested he go and eat his food. "I'm not hungry anymore. I don't feel like eating now." He responded with a red face.

I asked him, "How much do you usually pay for lunch or dinner?" My typical lunch is about twenty-eight dollars and dinner a little more." He explained.

Get this.

All delivery services and tips cost more and are fair fees for the employees. I was confused that Matt's daily eat-out budget was my weekly groceries. Then I remembered that it's okay if that works for him. We are…



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