How to Find Materials for Your Blog Post

Get in touch with what you see, hear, feel, taste, smell, think, live, and know.

ast week, I had a conversation with a writer, and he lamented how it was difficult for him to find materials for his blog. At first, his complaint sounded strange, and I reminded myself that writers are different. We have professional and creative writers, and both groups make the world better.

A friend once told me that she got her popular book title from her Pastor’s sermon. She gave the pastor credit, but not the money.

You can get writing materials from anywhere, anyone, or anyhow. I learned, as a creative writer, I can get writing materials by observing, listening, and writing things down. These three skills provide me the ability to gather materials from many sources I’ll discuss below.

The power of observation

This skill helps you pay attention, listen, and decode things the way you want. From the time I am awake, I consciously observe my bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, garden, and others. As I walk on the road or drive, shop in the store, ride on the train, and at work. I observe people, the environment, myself, and eavesdrop on people’s conversations.

As you eavesdrop in others’ conversation, write down the materials. When it comes to writing materials, morality is questionable. No magic, I do it because I am a creative writer!

Books and your favorite authors

You will get a ton of materials from reading. I read almost everything from road signs to literature. I have an ongoing reference book I continue to study for writing materials. For example, my unpublished book, the Holy Bible, Literature — An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Dance by X.J. Kennedy, and Dana Gioia, and others

I enjoy my favorite authors for my reading pleasure and writing materials. I believe reading is like gas in my vehicle. You want writing materials, read.


Unhealthy people have limited writing materials and are unlikely to write often. Take care of yourself, and you can get tons of writing materials from your healthy habits.

True, you can find writing materials from your unhealthy lifestyle, but you have to be healthy and alive to write more first drafts. Take care of yourself and be a happy writer.


I travel and do something new as much as I can. I work very hard to move out of my cage. Have a conversation with human beings and challenge yourself for something new. I get a lot of materials from talking to strangers, which I hate. As of today, I’ve been very selective about what I use for my articles. I only use materials from strangers, friends, and family if it is for the common good.

Trying something new can put you in a different writing style. I cooked a new dish, and it gave me writing materials, which I didn’t want to use for articles. Then I used the materials for a poem for the first time in mid-July, and the second one got curated within 24 hours. From one poem, I got writing materials for more topics. Now, I am writing poetry every day.

House of worship

Use your ears and, importantly, your eyes during the sermon. Pay close attention to many unsaid things or rules and use the materials to empower and inspire your readers or write about your faith. If you write on personal growth or entrepreneurship, study the book of Proverbs in the Holy Bible for materials.


Write as much as you can. I write every day from 50–1000 words. I publish two articles or more times per week. For me, writing sparks creativity, and it gives me more materials for many topics. I can start writing one essay, and I ended up having three topics and articles.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Medium Poetry is a place to start to practice how to write every day — helping someone can help you write more. Write a positive comment on social media every day; for example, thanks for sharing. Start small!

Personal and professional life

Write about what you know, teach skills, or offer professional advice to your readers. However, for your personal life, set rules before you start writing them. Always remember you are helping others grow with your story. For instance, I wrote about sexism in my family to help people know how to improve society and help put an end to the culture of subjugating women. For any tangible change in society, the change must start in our family.

Your readers are likely to benefit from your personal story if you put the ball in their court.


Look over your old drafts, articles, and notes. I still get writing materials from my old notes and drafts. No one is perfect, get over it and make use of your run down and rejected articles.

Put things together

Have an open mind. I get materials from gardening, cooking, puzzling, organizing, and sewing. Yep, all have one thing in common. You have to put the pieces together — -the same with writing. Pay attention to your hobby or your daily activities such as work, travel, other writers, and you.

Current affairs

It happens now, for instance, COVID-19, George Floyd, Me Too Movement, Dr. Fucis, Vote 2020, Dr. Stella Emmanuel, BLM, “Facebook,” and others. Most importantly, listen to yourself more than others. Your voice matters as a writer if you are writing to make the world better.

As a writer, I always befriend the power of observation, listening, and writing things down.

What is your passion in life?


You have all the writing materials within your reach. Think around the box, or move away from your familiar box or create another box.

Help yourself grow.

Thanks for reading.

Written by

LMSW🧠Social Worker* Lifestyle Consultant* Health/Recovery Coach* I enjoy putting things together• I write stories that help you grow @bybassey.

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