How Mother Duck Ducks It

She is a leader who leads. She has a good attitude and takes her job seriously.

Bassey BY
2 min readOct 20, 2021

Nature is impressive, and sometimes, I wonder how humans and animals parent similarly.

Quite often, I observe mother ducks in the parks. And no matter which park I am in, mother duck does the same thing. She has a good attitude focusing on what she does — empowering and protecting herself and her ducklings.

Mother duck pays attention to what she does and cares less about humans, pigeons, or lizards.

Parenting humans:

As a former parent, parenting is the most challenging job, sometimes with little or no reward. And this trade can make or destroy us, our families, our community, or society.

Research shows our early childhood experience shapes who we are, what we do, and what our family looks like. Our early childhood can influence how many wars we have in our backyard or how hate flourishes among us.

Most of our children believe in us first; sometimes, we are their God during their formative years.

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Most parents are not perfect, including me. But as parents, we have a great commission to improve our community and society.

How do you make your job as a new or a young parent more effective?

As a new or a young parent, don't hesitate to ask for help. Contact your family members, local community center, library, house of worship, and your state children's services — ask for help.

It takes a village to raise a well-adjusted child. Healthy parents raise children and build healthy families, communities, and society.

Our children believe in us first; sometimes, we are their God during their formative years.

Be careful what you do or say in front of your young children. For example, avoid beating up a teacher or a coach in front of your six years old.

Parents keep the world alive.

Help yourself grow.

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