How Healthy Competition Helps Your Family Grow

It makes things awesome for you, your family, and your business. Here’s how and why?

Healthy competition starts in your mother’s womb.

“I run my family like a business. I want my family to be profitable.” Grace Ekpenyong.

Keep in mind; profit is subjective. Define yours and work from there.

In his book, Made in America, Sam Walton explains how he visited competitors’ stores, stole their ideas, and used them to improve his business. Today, many of Sam’s competitors are no longer in business, but his Walmart/hometown is known worldwide.

Healthy competition matters for you, your family, and your business.

The Nseabasi Family:

Nseabasi paid her three children to read books during the summer. The youngest child made more money than her two older siblings combined in the first month. In the following months, the two siblings’ reading habits improved, and they made more money than what they made the first month.

Amazon is not the best example, but the company has done one thing right — wake up other retailer companies to provide better customer service.

Here is why healthy competition matters.

I. No Room for dysfunction:

The good side of community syndrome is it drives creativity and prosperity. Healthy competition rarely nurses dysfunction, but everyone grows based on their ability. For example, the Special Olympics game encourages healthy competition. You can’t sit down in a corner and expect a medal from heaven.

Nseabasi encourages her children to read and gives them two choices — work for money or no money. Early reading in children influences critical thinking and belief in oneself and ability. Most importantly, healthy competition teaches pride in work, improves skills, and earns personal money. Personal money gives power, improves self-confidence, and provides choices.


This month, learn one thing from a family member, friends, or boss — learn what to do and what not to do.

II. Win-win situation makes things better:

Competition in a healthy democracy is a win-win situation that provides positivity for anyone involved. There is rarely a stronghold monopoly, or a winner takes all in a healthy democracy.

Socialism collapses because she killed creativity and pride in human beings. Dictatorship makes no room for healthy competition, and she is joining socialism to the grave soon.


This week, learn one thing from your competitor or an enemy and use the idea to improve your life or business.

III. Power of hard and smart work:

Once, my friend, Kat, invited my children to attend an Easter egg hunt in a local college’s stadium. First, I said, “No.” She said, “B, you children will learn how to work for something.” I responded, “I am in.”

My children were five and three. My daughter came up with her own creative ideas, including wearing an A-line skirt with underpants. It was an exciting scene.

Hundreds of colorful eggs spread across the soccer goalpost. The children stood on the centerfield, and spectators waited on the sidelines. I was an observer with my creative writer hat on. The time was set and go. My daughter worked so hard to get more eggs than some of her friends. She was excited and proud of a job well done.

Life is not easy or fair, but healthy competition gives us the power to believe in the impossible and hard work.


Work on one difficult goal this month or empower someone to work on their one goal.

IV. Trophy for everyone kills pride and creativity:

Healthy competition promotes pride in oneself. The pride comes when we work and improve our skills.

We may do something to get a reward; going back to the Easter eggs hunt, many parents helped their children pick eggs, while others stared at the winners’ basket. A few complained about other children’s creativeness and win. It was a fun game and a powerful lesson for young children and helicopter parents.

Trophy for everyone can kill pride and creativity.


Step aside and let people do what they can for themselves, including young children — let them be creative and take pride in what they can do for themselves.

V. Make Yourself valuable, not comparing yourself:

I think healthy competition is not a comparison. A comparison is when you want to exchange your height with your friends. Healthy competition is looking at our friend’s work or life and pick up something valuable and do it better.

For example, this platform got an idea from newsprint and mass media and focuses on what they missed — real stories from real people for $5.00. You may disagree with the business model, but readers found value here.

Who can beat healthy competition?

Healthy competition is a win-win to make things better and valuable. Everyone who has an important thing to say comes here to write from President Obama to You.


Make yourself valuable. Learn from your competitor and then change the idea to make it your own.


Healthy competition works for everyone who wants to learn and work. Here’s why healthy competition matters:

I. Win-win situation makes things better.

II. No Room for dysfunction.

III. Hard and smart work matter.

IV. Make yourself valuable.

V. Pride in your ability and creativity.

Help yourself grow.

*I have changed all names in this story.

LMSW🧠Social Worker* Lifestyle Consultant* Health/Recovery Coach*I enjoy organizing, investing, & puzzling *My stories help you think & grow*

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