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Good Women Are Better Cheats Than Men: I Cheated On My Honeymoon, And I Caught My Husband Cheating With the Same Person On Our Anniversary.

Serena’s story part 3: My truth is good women are not saints; they cheat too.

Bassey BY
3 min readMay 14, 2022
Women- Are- Better- Cheats- Than- Men-Photo by Saksham Gangwar on Unsplash

Part 3

“Don’t cheat if you’re unhappy, just leave.” — Unknown.

My name is Serena, and here is my story.

Our pre-marriage counselor knew what I did not know or did not want to know.

Poor me, I tried to make sense of our marriage problem but hoped my feeling were not fact. After I had intercourse with Chef Sunny, my appetite for sex was in overdrive, and Jacob stopped trying — he pissed me off.

Four months into our marriage, I met a Librarian, Mike, in our local Library. He lost his wife a few years ago, and his only child lived in Japan.

Mike told me he lost his wife to breast cancer at forty-one.

We became friends and had coffee in the library cafe on Saturdays when I was in the library to write. He was a well-liked man by library patrons and staff. I observed children and seniors engage him in a conversation.

I liked him too.

After three years of not dating, he lamented, “I would like to find someone to date and engage in sex again. You know, sex is like food. You cannot starve for more than three days or three years. I honored my wife for three years, and I moved on. As a woman, what do you think? “

Me: “You are right. I hope you find a woman who meets your needs.”

We laughed.

In my third meeting with Mike, I shared my dilemma and asked him what he thought. He smiled and asked if I needed the truth about my husband. I said, “ Yes.”



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