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India is like any other country with many different people and immigrants.

As human, we tend to spot our differences with one another . All type of discriminations starts and exists in our family and then move to the society at at large.

The untouchable (outcast) Indians-- As at a decade ago in India, a TIME magazine journalist was refused a drinking water in the same space with his interviewee. Why? Because he was an Indian outcast and also, a well respected Indian living and working in the US. He was doing a story on the untouchable Indians.

The Osu Igbos- Nigerians still struggle to marry or do business with the non-Osu Igbos. Some of them are in closet because it can be costly for their business and family.

No condition is permanent. Indians flooded Nigeria in the 70s and 80s. Now they are beating Nigerians in their country. What an irony! Mr. Mathew was my physics teacher and he disliked girls in his science class. He has two young daughters at that time, lol. He was an "outcast" Indian.

What can I say! Racism or discrimination starts in the family and we can work from there.

I appreciate you sharing this. Thanks.

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