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Freedom: Give Others The Credit They Deserve

The first step, give yourself the credit you deserve. Be happy for yourself and others. Join the conversation.

Bassey BY
3 min readApr 10, 2022
Freedom: -Give Others -The Credit- They- Deserve — Photo by Vijesh Datt on Unsplash

Give yourself credit for your small and big wins.

Why can humans not give others the credit they deserve? Are we so self-centered that we cannot see anything good in people we do not like or have things in common?

I keep asking myself these questions every time I get together with people. I am not a saint, but often, I look at a person I do not party with and give credit when it is due.

I did not party with Trump, but I gave him credit for winning an election that was not supposed to be close. At seventy, the man crisscrossed PA and WA while my people crisscrossed stores for new window treatments.

Come on, give Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson credit for her experience and qualifications. She is a family woman with two parents watching her confirmation hearing and her husband, a surgeon, crying for the mistreatment of his wife of many years.

Although several years in a marriage does not tell us the whole story, it is something to admire.

Why can we not give others the credit they deserve?

Politicians ran out of talking points about Judge Jackson, and they rested their case — Amen. She is heading to sit in the highest court of the land.

Judge Jackson's restaurant conversation

I chose not to write about Judge Jackson until I visited a restaurant a few days ago.

During lunch with a client, I eavesdropped on a conversation with five people — who discussed why Judge Jackson married a white guy — no credit for her experience and qualifications.

Do not get me started. Who did you want Judge Jackson to marry? The man is a surgeon with a deep pocket and is good-looking. Who does not want a spouse who has a life?

Get a life, people; it is time for you to do you.



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