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Expat's Wife Dilemma (Part 6)

Her husband left her stranded in a foreign country's airport — Faith's comeback story after twenty-nine years.

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6 min readNov 13, 2023


Expat's Wife DilemmaPhoto by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

Asa left his wife, Faith, a mother of four children, stranded in a foreign country's airport. Expat's Wife dilemma!

Why this story now after twenty-nine years of being stranded at the airport?

I walked into the clinic at 8 a.m. and met a medium-built, well-dressed professional — wearing a classic leopard loafer and a beautiful pink pearl necklace. A young NP looked somewhat worried with weak eye contact. She was the boss, and I was the lowest in rank. I greeted her. She did not say hello but lectured, "I like you're here before time. We start at 8.30. I don't take a lunch break because I must leave at 3:30 to get home for my kids. Would you like to work without lunch and go home at 3:30?"

I answered, "Yes."

We became friends from that day.

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My first day working with NP Karen was the best. I called Annita and told her about my first-day experience. She laughed aloud, and I asked her why the long laughed. She happily explained that Karen was not evil, but cultural differences set her apart from others. She suggested I pay attention to learning a little about others' values and cultures — cultural differences can bring misunderstanding among employees and employers.

So true. NP Karen taught me many things and helped me with some of my classes.

“The culture can be class, or education, or school. It’s not always about race or gender.”

I worked with RNs, NPs, and a part-time doctor in the clinic. Dr. Z was there half of the day for two days a week. I was thrilled because I was exposed to people I could learn from and ask questions.

One afternoon, I worked directly with Dr. Z, whom I talked with when we didn't have a patient. During our conversation, she asked more about my background. I was honest and told her my story and plan — I wanted to bring my children before…



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