Evaluation or Judgment

Both serve a purpose and can be used to inspire, empower, or belittled people — three ways to make the world a better place.

Evaluation- or- Judgment Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

The truth is we all judge and evaluate ourselves or others.

Judgment is quick, and most of the time, wrong. It is guesswork or a single story. For example, Joy’s experience in the park. It’s OK to ask questions, but the same question repeatedly means you are stereotyping Joy’s body or questioning her parenthood.

Three ways to make the world a better place with evaluation or judgment:

1. Stop the single- story:

The internationally acclaimed author, Chimamanda Adichie, explains how a single story works — guesswork or stereotyping. She asserts that a one-sided story can screw our ability to get to know people and their talent.

Try this:

Be patient and do your homework.

2. Group alignment:

Two children raised in the same household can behave differently. I have six siblings with the same parents and raised in the same home, but we are different.

Try this:

Beware of unconscious bias.

3. Have an open mind:

An open- mind is not giving up on your beliefs or accepting others’ values. Sometimes, we can welcome or adopt others' way of thinking or lifestyle because it’s valuable. For instance, many Americans eat African, Chinese, and Mexican food. Many nations in the world are adopting the US system of government — Democracy.

Try this:

Talk with people.


Three ways to make the world a better place with your evaluation or judgment:

  1. Have an open mind — stand for something and respect others' values or beliefs. Copy people's lifestyle if it’s valuable to you.
  2. Group alignment rarely makes things better — treat people as individuals.

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