Don’t Take Your Vote For Granted.

As a human being, be proud and value your self-interest.

ou have the right to value yourself and your vote.

What can you do moving forward? Hold politicians accountable for their actions while they are in office. If a politician can’t deliver on her or his promises, vote her or him out after two or four years. Or recall a do-nothing politician as Californians did with their former Governor, Mr. Davis.

I think voters can learn to make politics like a business — no sentiment or excuses not to evaluate a politician. Think of your own job’s annual evaluation or, as a student, your final examination.

“They only come to our community when they need our vote.” — Anonymous.

I can’t argue with Mr. or Ms. Anonymous. You are right. No one can take you for granted, including your mother or children. You have the right to value yourself and your vote.

Moving Forward:

As a human being, value your self-interest and be proud.

Plan to hold politicians accountable while they hold office. Vote him or her out after two years or four years. You have the power to call politicians out for their rubbish. Most importantly, never worship a politician who cares less about you or your community. By their fruits, we shall know them.

We spend hours in line to cast our vote, and we expect politicians to do their job. Trump gave his primary voters, Justice Amy Barrett. Obama gave his primary voters zero US Supreme Justice. When you have power, use it.

What is your demand?

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Never again, we’ll tolerate our votes being taken for granted. Yep, it is still unbelievable after eight years of partnership with politicians:

  • No Black woman in the US Supreme Court
  • No pardon for people who deserved a pardon.
  • Multiple run-down schools and less qualified teachers.
  • No relevant books in our schools or libraries.
  • Created more prisons and deportations than decent jobs.
  • Our Main Street turns into the war zone.
  • Developers preyed in our communities — open your eyes and speak your truth.

No more talk from politicians, but action. After casting your vote on Tuesday, stay relevant in the political process.

I always look for how politicians’ actions affect the masses across America. Many Americans live without running water across the highway from my house. In Alaska, people in many towns live without running water in the wealthiest country on the planet.

Oratory skills from politicians do not give our children good schools or decent community hospitals. Use your power when it matters. All politicians can learn from Trump. He gave his primary voters what they wanted —Justice Amy Barrett. For me, I learn from everyone and everything — what to do and what not to do.

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Be a good Samaritan and be the person who can make this election free and fair. Your one vote matters. Plan to vote. After voting, never give politicians a break from day one. Call them out as soon as they take office. If they cannot deliver as they promised, next time, don’t vote for them.

Your democracy is fragile; choose to VOTE. Four years ago, I voted for my democracy. I did the same last Monday. I stood in the line for about ninety minutes. I ask you to exercise your power and vote for your democracy.

Help yourself grow.

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LMSW🧠Social Worker* Lifestyle Consultant* Health/Recovery Coach* I enjoy putting things together• I write stories that help you grow @bybassey.

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