Good and Interesting story!

Humans often find someone to oppress or exhibit superiority complex.

In Nigeria, some tribes feel superior to others. Once, I was not permit to speak my language in a college class.

Tribalism is almost the same as racism. In your father’s tribe, the OSU people cannot marry other Igbo or share drinking water or a common space. OSU identity in the Nigeria and US carries stigma.The secret they choose not share.

Think about that.

In the US, some Nigerian tribes always find a way to feel superior among themselves. They always use the title, “ major” tribe. I have no idea what this mean in the US.

In the US, some black Americans can be uncomfortable with African immigrants too.

It’s unfortunate, police treat black the same way whether you are from Nigerian or a New Yorker.

We can choose to respect ourselves and help one another.

I appreciate you sharing this. Thanks!

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