All Things Work Together For Good

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Joe is a breast cancer survivor.

Joe is suffering. He is a breast cancer survivor. Recently, he lost his tall, handsome son, an emergency room nurse, to COVID-19. And his wife of 41 years is clinically depressed and on medications. Joe whispers, “my last breath holds onto hope.”

The above heart-rending story is all over the place if you live or work in NYC. It is heartbreaking seeing or experiencing hardship in a new dimension.

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Are you at a breaking point in your life? Have you lost business? Maybe you or someone you know is experiencing the painful dilemma of losing a child, spouse, friend, or relatives to COVID -19.

It is an alarm. I heard you — How can all things work together for good? No way. I cannot debate that. You’re in pain — an individual, a family, community, and nation pain.

Then what is hope? Hope! Can Hope brings my dead child or mother back?

In short, you cannot get your child back, but hope can help you powerfully celebrate your child’s memory.

Are you planning to give hope a chance?

Experience is never the same, but our hardship can bring discovery and gratitude. Be courageous and hopeful.

HOPE is my comforter. I hope you find the courage to touch your lips and say, HOPE.

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HOPE is the only weapon we have now. It’s the theory you can’t prove. No statistics to back it up, no experience. It has never happened before — — in 2008, Mr. Obama won the US presidency.

Be a prisoner of hope.

Are you ill in the hospital and so weak to move? Fix your eyes on the ceiling or sky and force yourself to pray or meditate?

If you at home and can move your hands and neck, think about the skills you have not to use for a long time — -writing, sewing, cooking, listening, singing, gardening, or teaching. Be hopeful.

How can we be hopeful in our suffering!

The word “suffering” is stigmatized in the modern world. For me, I believe suffering existed in my grandmother’s era. Wrong!

The time of hardship can be a fresh or brand new way of thinking about your life. It can be a particular time for self-reflection and a time to dig into your history — family, community, and country.

My grandmother, Adiaha Orok, and many Nigerian women fought in “The Women War of 1929 “Aba Riots of 1929.” Women won the War, but paid the ultimate price — thousands of women lost their lives, businesses, and unborn children. Many pregnant women were shot and killed too!

My grandmother survived and lost many of her friends, relatives, and businesses. Today, Nigerian women are free from double taxation and unnecessary law on their businesses.

Why is this story relevant to your hardship? COVID-19 Vaccine will eradicate COVID a few decades from now. Your great-grandchildren will not have to die or wear a face covering.

Viktor Frankl reminds us, “saying yes to life despite everything .”, The Case For A Tragic Optimism.

Are you planning to give hope a chance in your current situation?

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I hope our great-grandchildren have something to celebrate in the future because of our struggle in 2020.

My mother, Grace, cannot stop talking about her mother and 1929 feminist icon, Ma Udoma — -pride and gratefulness.

We’ll get through COVID-19.

Hurry and get this book, Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl.

Help yourself grow.

LMSW🧠Social Worker* Lifestyle Consultant* Health/Recovery Coach*I enjoy organizing, investing, & puzzling *My stories help you think & grow*

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