Gratitude takes effort and hard work.

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Gratitude takes effort,
It takes hard work.
Start with one thing in the morning — being alive.
Focus on what you have,
Remember what you have done
Work on what you want
Start each day with a grateful heart.

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”
— William Arthur Ward.

Help yourself grow.

Note: I lost the original poem while I was about to publish it. I’m grateful I can remember a few lines with the limited time I had. Thank you for reading!

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Look for pride, patience, and self-discipline.

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What do you want from a friend? How much have you grown with your friend in two or five years?

The world-class advice goes if you want to be successful, walk with successful people. That is somewhat true. But how do you define success? We all describe our success differently. So, take the time to decide what success means to you. Then use your parameter of success to look for what you want from a friend.

A true friend can help you grow.

Allis’s good friend, Laura, is her cleaning person. She said, “Laura works with a smile on her…

Anger is a normal emotion. Know the root of your anger and how to embrace, manage, and use it for inspiration.

Three -good-things-about- anger Photo by Japheth Mast on Unsplash

Anger is a normal emotion. It feels similar to other emotions such as happiness, surprise, and sadness.

According to American Psychological Association, anger is “an emotion characterized by antagonism toward someone or something you feel has deliberately done you wrong.”

Think of it this way — we or others do something that makes us happy, or we or others do something to make us angry.

Feel free to express anger as needed and don’t suppress it. The truth is, out-of-control anger can make our friends and family members shun us. Use your anger for good.

Three good things about anger:

  1. Understand anger.
  2. Know the reason…

It works. Week 2 Prompt, “Healed people heal people.”

The -Beauty -of a -Community -Syndrome Photo by Joel Mott on Unsplash

Healed people heal others.

The above photo worth a million words,
They seem genuine, valuable, and happy.
We are reflective of who we spend
hours, months, or years with
I gain different experiences from
my close friends
Be wise with your partnership.

Healed people heal others.

Our secured friends help us be ourselves,
Naysayer friends can kill your dream
Long-term friends can change us
Or we can influence them
Community syndrome works — two ways, positive or negative
Be genuine; choose your friends wisely.

I put my life jacket on first before I help others with theirs. It is Thursday…


I understand where you are coming from. And you’re right.

I don't follow many people. Why? I'm doing my own thing, and I believe I have choices. I read many writers' works. I read them because I like their work, and I can learn what to do and what not to do.

Some writers I'm following are not my followers, and it doesn't border me. Why? Some of them have 10-100K followers, and they can't possibly reply to any comments unless you take their thousand dollars course. …

11 ways.

How- to -Be a- Happy- Contributor Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash

We all can contribute in our own way. Yet, any level of contribution can out-stage our consumption spirit.

Quite often, what I give to myself reflects on what I contribute to others.

We can only give to others what we have. So be a contributor — an act of kindness to yourself first, then give freely to others.

Here are eleven ways to make things better for you and others:

  1. First, give and take — give from where you are. A smile is a gift. Do you always refuse help or only help others? Yes! Then stop; the story is not for you. …

Provides solutions, solves problems and makes things better.

The -Good -and the- Uncomfortable -Truth -Photo by Joël de Vriend on Unsplash

Recently I visited a doctor’s Office:

Dr. Drama: Let see — your dad and mom. They have cancer, smoke, drink…

Me: No.

Dr. Drama: Your siblings

Me: Nope.

Dr. Drama: Dad…cause of death.

Me: I told her what I know.

Medical professionals use family health history to make early diagnoses of our illness. Mental health professionals can do the same. Then, they use our information to find ways to prevent or treat any known family disease.


Is she a burden?

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Self-love is a blessing.

Self-love is my core value,
She was at risk when I moved to a new country
I shared space with insecure people
They tolerated my presence and absence
I explained me nonstop
I knew better; I moved.

Self-love is my core value,
She is a trailer full of blessings —
moves mountains for me
She makes me a believer
I like and love myself first before others
Self-love keeps my hope alive.

Self-love is my core value,
She is powerful
She makes the
impossible, possible
She helps me celebrate every stage of my life —
no regret, but lessons…

Follow these simple steps to make a healthy tomato stew.

3 Simple- Steps- to -Make- Sweet -Tomatoes -Stew-Photo by Kiriakos Verros on Unsplash

What is a tomato?

Tomato is a fruit. You can eat it as you eat apples or strawberries.

Tomatoes are the major dietary source of the antioxidant lycopene, linked to many health benefits, including reducing heart disease and cancer risk. In addition, tomatoes provide you with vitamin C, potassium, folate, vitamin K, and fiber.

Make Sweet Tomatoes Stew:

I cook tomatoes stew on Sundays or when we have a holiday on Monday. And the cooked stew lasts for a week or two. We use the stew for rice, beans, vegetables, and others.

Cooking tomatoes stew is easy, simple, and you can cook it the…

“Dare to share” — Know thyself. Choose to share your truth.

Self-Transparent-Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

Know thyself,
Choose to share your truth
You’re your sunshine — trust yourself.

Thanks, Galit Birk, PhD, for the prompt, “dare to share.” Join the fun here.

Medium media is a powerful place for us to share our stories and experiences.

Writers here don’t need a test or a fancy degree to publish their stories. MM creates a space for people to feel free to share their experiences with less worry. I’m so glad because what psychotherapists couldn’t help many people do for a year — twenty years happen here within a few weeks or months.

Each person from every…

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