Feel empowered to use some of these behaviors to improve your life.

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While waiting at the supermarket's self-checkout line, I eavesdropped on two women talking about their men. One said, “he is a narcissist,” the other responded, “my third husband …he was a mean son of the devil.”

I don’t know the two women, but I’m always ready to get writing materials from strangers and things. As I observed the women talking, one of them positioned herself as a special and unique person. She quickly flashed an, ‘I am in charge’ smile, and I reciprocated and complimented her killer leopard loafers. I thought, “a kettle calling a pot, black.”

Who has a narcissistic personality?

I don’t know…

Or, you’re a happy doer. Both can work together for your personal growth. Examine these simple tips.

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We all complain.

But chronic complaining is doing less. Are you a doer or complainer? Which one do you prefer?

I complain about undesirable service in a restaurant and injustice in my backyard and public square.

What do you complain about?

Sometimes, I use a protest strategy to gain insight into new ideas or alternative solutions to my problem. I debate and question myself.

Happy doers are happy complainers. Happy doers do something before they complain about things or people.

Before you protest, examine these tips for your personal growth.

  • Do your homework,
  • Reflect on your core values,
  • Be a…

Anger is a normal emotion. Know the root of your anger and how to embrace, manage, and use it for inspiration.

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Anger is a normal emotion. It feels similar to other emotions such as happiness, surprise, and sadness.

According to American Psychological Association, anger is “an emotion characterized by antagonism toward someone or something you feel has deliberately done you wrong.”

Think of it this way — we or others do something that makes us happy, or we or others do something to make us angry.

Feel free to express anger as needed and don’t suppress it. The truth is, out-of-control anger can make our friends and family members shun us. Use your anger for good.

Three good things about anger:

  1. Understand anger.
  2. Know the reason…

Heroes behind my writing cost arm and leg. May’21 writing experience hosted by Christina Ward and Samantha Lazar.

A -Hero -Without -A -Face Photo by Jason Hazama on Unsplash

“Writing to the Unknown: The Hero’s Journey. May Writing Experience,” — Samantha Lazar.

Action beings relief. Hope shines light.

I’ve been a writer all my life.

I write every day. It’s something enjoyable and somewhat easy. For me, writing is like drinking water. I choose to write to be alive as I drink water to be hydrated every day.

I write about 50–1000 words per day. Most of my writing comes from reading and imagination. And others from observation and my professional or personal experience. Also, I record writing materials from any drama in my backyard and public square.


Apply these four tips to own your thought—#IV. Play with your creativity.

You -Are -the- CEO -of- Your- Thought Photo by Sam Williams on Unsplash

“Where the mind goes, the man/woman follows! If you want your life to change, your thought must also change.” — Joyce Meyer.

It is normal to have thousands of thoughts each day. Study shows humans have more than 6,000 thoughts per day.

Positive and negative thoughts come to all of us. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you have. What matters is you own your thought. That is, how you manage your thoughts, what you do with them, and most importantly, why you have the thoughts?

Our thoughts can influence our actions.

A positive thought comes, for example…

There’s no one-size-fits-all. Do what you enjoy and be happy.

What -Is -Your -Good -Life? Photo by Roland Denes on Unsplash

What is a good life?

I can define mine, and you can define yours. There is no one-size-fits-all.

What are you looking forward to today? Do what you enjoy and be happy.

Mary defines a good life as waking up in the morning, enjoy the sunshine, and a cup of coffee.
Sara defines a good life as a million followers on social media, beach body, and billions of dollars in the bank.

Max explains his good life as having fun with his friends and family.
My friend Mfon stresses her good life as sharing a meal with her hot husband.

Humor — The real truth and the lies.

Secrets -of -Motherhood Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

A happy Mother’s Day to You and all mothers around the world!

Motherhood is challenging and rewarding, and the job is not for everyone.

Mothers are humans with fear, hope, and aspiration. So never put mothers on pedestals or expect them to be super-humans.

This story is my personal opinion — as an individual, a daughter, a creative writer, a mother, and an aunt.

Motherhood: The real truth and the lies —

1. Mothers do everything for their children.

True: Mothers do everything because they follow the crowd and want to be liked. Who does everything?

Sometimes, machine.

Forget about likability and do what works for you.

Mothers are humans with ambition, fear, and hope…

Both serve a purpose and can be used to inspire, empower, or belittled people — three ways to make the world a better place.

Evaluation- or- Judgment Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

Evaluation and judgment serve a purpose, and you can use both to inspire and empower yourself or others.

Joy lamented: Other parents in the park keep on asking me if my children are mine. Sometimes, the same woman asked me the same question every time I am there with my children.

Me: Try not to take it personally. Is not easy, but try. Sometimes, people judge us because of what they see and know. Be the first to introduce yourself and your children to people in the park. You can ask them if the children they have are their too.

You or them.

Photo by Bassey Elimian

What mattered to you in life?

Never missed a day of work,
A meaningful life
Happiness, love, or hate
Make things better in the world.

What mattered to you in life?

You, family, and friends,
Mistakes or perfection
Learning and growing
Peace in the world.

What mattered to you in life?

Opportunity or problem,
Life is fragile
Every second of your life worth living
Better or bitter — you or them.

We always have a choice — better or bitter.

Help yourself grow.


Bassey is a lifestyle consultant and a health/recovery coach. She has two decades of mental health…

Bassey Elimian

LMSW🧠Social Worker* Lifestyle Consultant* Health/Recovery Coach*I enjoy organizing, investing, & puzzling *My stories help you think & grow* Kulifestyle.com

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