Be inspired with these tips to improve yourself and your relationships. Happiness is what you do.

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We have a life and death situation in Texas because of power outages and low temperatures.

I texted my friend Mya, and she texted me back, “We are safe. Thank God. We have no electricity, but that is a small inconvenience.”

Mya is happy and shares with anyone how blessed she feels. Yes, she has problems too; she is divorced, lost her home to a hurricane a decade ago, recently, lost her mother, and has a daughter who has a disability. As you can guess, Mya is not living in paradise, but she focuses on what she can control.


How to make a delicious okra soup — step by step. Okra is a vegetable that you can eat raw or create soups. Cooking is an art form, and you can do several things with okra.

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Ireana Macri

What is Okra?

Okra is a vegetable that you can eat raw or create soups. Cooking is an art form, and you can do several things with okra.

Basic nutrients:

1.9 g of protein, 0.2 g of fat, 7.5 g of carbohydrates, 3.2 g of fiber, 299 mg of potassium, 7 mg of sodium, 23 mg of vitamins C, 82 mg of calcium, and more.

For more in-depth information on raw okra nutrients and benefits, visit the US Department of Agriculture.

The Okra Soup story.

The other day in the supermarket, a stranger asked me, “How do you make that?” as she pointed to my okra on the checkout…

Look for pride, patience, and self-discipline.

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What do you want from a friend? How much have you grown with your friend in two or five years?

The world-class advice goes if you want to be successful, walk with successful people. That is somewhat true. But how do you define success? We all describe our success differently. So, take the time to decide what success means to you. Then use your parameter of success to look for what you want from a friend.

A true friend can help you grow.

Allis’s good friend, Laura, is her cleaning person. She said, “Laura works with a smile on her…

Feel empowered to use some of these behaviors to improve your life.

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While waiting at the supermarket's self-checkout line, I eavesdropped on two women talking about their men. One said, “he is a narcissist,” the other responded, “my third husband …he was a mean son of the devil.”

I don’t know the two women, but I’m always ready to get writing materials from strangers and things. As I observed the women talking, one of them positioned herself as a special and unique person. She quickly flashed an, ‘I am in charge’ smile, and I reciprocated and complimented her killer leopard loafers. I thought, “a kettle calling a pot, black.”

Who has a narcissistic personality?

I don’t know…

A poem about making an effort to perform the act of love.

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Love is a verb
Love works every day.
Love shows up 365 days
Love is action
Do love.

Love is what we do
Listen to understand
Help when needed
Steadfast in a time of trouble
Never violence, or hateful, or cheating.

Love makes me better
It requires efforts
Not feeling
Not talk
Not a theory.

Do love.

“ Love itself cost a lot more than long-stemmed roses or even diamonds. Real love is measured out in steadiness, commitment, and unselfishness over the long haul. ” — Earnie Larsen & Carol Hegarty

Happy Valentine’s Day


More stories for your reading…

Good and informative story

India is like any other country with many different people and immigrants.

As human, we tend to spot our differences with one another . All type of discriminations starts and exists in our family and then move to the society at at large.

The untouchable (outcast) Indians-- As at a decade ago in India, a TIME magazine journalist was refused a drinking water in the same space with his interviewee. Why? Because he was an Indian outcast and also, a well respected Indian living and working in the US. …

A painful story and a lesson for the living. Your feeling is normal and worth expressing.

Self-reflecting on my role in the world. And I continue to believe in the goodness of the people and the world.

This is a powerful story for me to read on Sunday morning. Thanks for blessing me and others.

Bold and refreshing!

As humans, we can choose to open our ears and eyes and question things front and center.

Foolishness is the order in today's world. Your religion makes you believe not to kill the fetus, but make you to kill a doctor or people you don't like.

Thanks for writing. I follow the life of Jesus Christ--love and help the needy, not the pastors.

Sure, the world needs us and we need ourselves more.

I loved and enjoyed your story. A great piece for a sunday afternoon. The best Valentine's Day gift.

You speak the truth. Most of the time, people treat us the way we treat ourselves.

Please don't ignore yourself!

A poem about women empowering women with what they do.

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Love is always an action
When women speak up and take action
Lives and things can change
An Imperfect woman gets a recommendation,
Offers a job, and helps others
Her book becomes a bestseller.

Love is always an action
When we work together
We can help ourselves and others
Accommodating our differences
And change the world for better.

“I owe Marilyn Monroe a real debt … she personally called the owner of the Mocambo, and told him she wanted me booked immediately, and if he would do… … wanted me booked immediately, and if he would do it, she…

Bassey Elimian

LMSW🧠Social Worker* Lifestyle Consultant* Health/Recovery Coach* I enjoy putting things together• I write stories that help you grow @bybassey.

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