7 Life Lessons from My Garden

Learn how to plant a bell pepper and other lessons about gardening.

Photo #1 by the author — my garden, 04/20. Planting pot works too.

Learn How to Plant Bell Pepper And 7 Life Lessons from My Garden:

Lesson 1: Patience

Malcolm Gladwell explains the benefit of patience and practice in his book, “Outliers The Story of Success”.

What I did:

Pepper seeds take 2–8 weeks to sprout. Mine took six weeks. It takes another 8–12 weeks for her to add the third leaf.

Photo# 2 by the author. Red bell pepper’s seeds and plants.

Lesson 2: Expect Success And Failure.

Lesson 3: Be Yourself And Expect Surprises.

Photo #3 by the author — pepper and tomato plants
Photo #4 by the author: Two pepper plants were planted on the same day. One is taller and healthier than the other. Note the leaves are turning yellow because of a decreased nutrient in the soil. I overused the ground for many years.

Lesson 4: Unconscious Bias

Photo #5 by the author — bitter leaf

Lesson 5: The Power of Hope.

Lesson 6: Proper Care and Harvest

Lesson 7: Short or Long Term Investment:

Photo #6 by the author. From my garden to the kitchen


2019 Harvest

Photo #7 by the author — some produces from the 2019 harvest.

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