7 Life Lessons from My Garden

Learn how to plant a bell pepper and other lessons about gardening.

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” Marcus Tullius Cicero.

it your way when it comes to gardening, farming, or house planting. Each serves the same purpose and teaches life lessons. No experience is needed for planting peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, or bitter-leaf.

Currently, my garden serves as a lifestyle laboratory and access to vegetables and fruits for lunch or dinner.

This year I planted peppers, tomatoes, onions, and bitter-leaf.

See photo #1.

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Photo #1 by the author — my garden, 04/20. Planting pot works too.

Planting peppers are similar to planting tomatoes, oranges, and eggplants. The bitter-leaf grows from the stem or a branch (see photo #5).

Learn How to Plant Bell Pepper And 7 Life Lessons from My Garden:

Lesson 1: Patience

As in life, you need patience to get things done. Any good thing takes time. Wait and work on something without complaining or whining. There is no overnight success, even if you have a superior talent or put in your best effort.

Malcolm Gladwell explains the benefit of patience and practice in his book, “Outliers The Story of Success”.

What I did:

  • I bought a bell pepper from the store. You can purchase seeds if you want from a supermarket (see photos #2).
  • I used a container from my home.
  • I used leftover soil and manure.
  • I prepared the pot. I added fertilizer and planted the seeds.
  • You can place the pot on your kitchen or your bathroom counter near a window. Take excellent care of the seeds.
  • I watered the seeds every other day. Too much water can kill the seeds.
  • The photo on your right is after 13 weeks. You can separate the plant as soon as you want.

Pepper seeds take 2–8 weeks to sprout. Mine took six weeks. It takes another 8–12 weeks for her to add the third leaf.

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Photo# 2 by the author. Red bell pepper’s seeds and plants.

Lesson 2: Expect Success And Failure.

No one expects or prays for failure in life, but it happens to all of us.

I transferred the plants after 13 weeks to my garden.(see photo # 1 & 2). You can separate the plant as soon as you want.

No worries! You don’t need an outside garden to grow pepper. You can separate the plants into three or four different planting pots and plant 3 to 5 plants in each pot and maintain proper social distancing.

Some plants will do well, and others will struggle or die. The good news is you have many plants, and you are likely to get fruits at the end of the season. I don’t expect many fruits this year from my garden because of the late planting.

2020 is an exciting year with heartbreaking stories!

As in life, we experience failure and success. Both experiences can teach us life lessons and, importantly, give us a window to who we are as individuals. We can take stock of our lives before and after March in 2020.

Life is more valuable in 2020. What do you think?

Many sources of income are recommended for most people. Look for ways to provide yourself with many options in life, such as a side job or find ways to generate a passive income.

For me, my garden is a movie and the breaking news every morning and evening. I am grateful for life each time I admire my garden.

Have an open mind and be ready for success and failure in life, but keep believing, working, learning, and asking.

Lesson 3: Be Yourself And Expect Surprises.

“Be yourself” is not just words. It works for plants and people. For me, it very difficult and expensive whenever I’m not myself. Usually, I get sick or have a disturbed conscience when I’m not myself.

Full disclosure: I can be myself most of the time because of my privilege. I understand some people cannot, and that’s OK!

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Photo #3 by the author — pepper and tomato plants

Peppers and tomatoes start as a straight tree. The tomatoes plant has spread everywhere and moved to the lawn, but the pepper plant remains straight(see photos #3).

The tomatoes plant took a short time to grow flowers and fruits, but it took the pepper plant a long time to get flowers, and still working on getting fruits. Note, both plants started as seeds and straight trees, but operate in different directions. They are both fruit and can be eaten raw or cooked.

You don’t need to apologize for being loud or quiet. Be yourself, and do you!

Also, my garden challenges my perception of things. Your plant can damp your expectations and humble you. I transferred the two pepper plants the same day, but as you can see, they grow differently (see photo #4).

Try your best not to compare yourself with others even if you work as hard as they do. My professional experience teaches me time and time again that “all that glitters is not gold”.

You do not know people’s life until you have heard their stories or live with them under the same roof for at least a year. A popular Linkedin’s influencer killed herself last month.

Life is beautiful, and sometimes, it can be messy.

Lesson 4: Unconscious Bias

I planted three bitter-leaf trees in the garden (see photo#5). Two trees were doing well, and one was doing poorly. The poor one was three times the price of the other two. Because I paid so much for her, I spent more time and energy trying to fix her, neglecting the others until one day I realized what I was doing.

In life, our friends, students, children, or employees or bosses whom are doing well need help too. Don’t neglect anyone because he or she looks strong or weak. You never know what people are going through in life. Seek people out and help others as much as you can. A smile can help too. Read more about Kirsty Bonner’s story. She had 2.3M followers on LinkedIn and killed herself last month.

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Photo #5 by the author — bitter leaf

Lesson 5: The Power of Hope.

Many people do not believe in hope, but I do, and most importantly, I do the work.

In life, I believe things can change and improve. I don’t only give hope to people, but I always do my part to help them, help themselves.

Share your talent and help others grow in any way you can. The bitter leaf that was poorly grown is better now.

If you are struggling, keep hope alive, do your part, and ask for help.

Lesson 6: Proper Care and Harvest

Proper care is not the only answer to plants, but it helps bring a good harvest. The right amount of water, fertilizer, and massage can do the trick. Sometimes, for us humans, proper care is not everything to our problem, but the only thing. Take care of yourself.

Always select and plant good seeds. Take proper care of the weed first, water as needed, talk to the plants and admire the garden. Just do your part and step back to see what happens.

Lesson 7: Short or Long Term Investment:

Bitter-leaf is a short-term investment, and she’s ready for harvesting after a few weeks of planting (see photo #6). The tomatoes and peppers plants are long-term investments. They take a long time to grow flowers and fruits.

Walmart stock is a short term investment for everyone. Check it out!

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Photo #6 by the author. From my garden to the kitchen


7 Life lessons

  • Patience
  • Expect success and failure
  • Be yourself, and expect surprises.
  • Be aware of unconscious bias.
  • The power of hope
  • Take care of yourself
  • Experiment with short or long-term investment.

Sometimes, life can be very unpredictable. Do your part and leave the rest to God, if you believe. Keep believing, learning, practicing, and asking.

Help yourself grow.

2019 Harvest

Let’s see what the 2020 harvest will bring!

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Photo #7 by the author — some produces from the 2019 harvest.

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