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5 Placements for A Great Marriage: First Placement, Who or What Is Your God?

Chapter 1: Seven people tell us about their God and the takeaways for us to reflect on our relationships.

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Make your relationship a happy place.

Many of us have lunch or dinner daily. Where are things going on our dining table, and why?

Most things in life tend to work properly when done orderly. For example, a baby consumes formula or breastmilk in the first few months of life, not pizza.

Therefore, a great marriage or relationship needs things in a rightful place for the best results.

Your God

God is something or someone you worship and is the foundation of your life.

Everyone believes in someone or something, and that belief system creates faith or God. Who or what is your God?

In this chapter, we will learn from the experience of others and their God. These confessions and actionable steps can help you embrace your God and establish happiness in your marriage/relationships.

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Chapter One

First Placement: Your God

Who or what is your God?

Can we compromise or sacrifice our belief or God in our marriage?

Dave's marriage came to a standstill when his new bride, Max, demanded that he turn off the TV during their honeymoon. They fought on their first morning as a couple because Dave wanted to interact with his God — European Football.

What is that one thing you worship? Something sacred that you cannot sacrifice or give it up. Dave's was football; mine is the Almighty God.

Examine and question your core values as an individual before you say yes to…



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