5 Must-Have Living Skills

These skills come by in the time of social distancing

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It is somewhat critical thinking but takes practical learning to master a skill. The must-have skills can take you anywhere and kiss you when you need them. Some of them can keep you alive and make you healthy. Many people learn some of the skills as children, and others choose not to acquire any. Please do not blame parents — learn now.

You can learn these skills and others during the weeks of social distancing. All the skills take an hour to 7 days to learn the basics and master some. Some people need the necessary skill, which is available on YouTube for free.

Cooking- Without food for weeks, we can die. First, learn proper kitchen safety — handling kitchen appliances, meat, vegetables, and utensils. Learn how to boil eggs, make tea/coffee, and cook rice. Work on chopping vegetables, cutting fruits, and opening cans. Importantly, pay attention to how to separate meat and fish from vegetables. Cooking is a creative skill; learn what works for you.

Laundry — Clean clothing is healthy living. Learn how to read labels under your clothing, use washing machines, and dryers. Check out how to wash by hand, basic dry cleaning, fold, and line dry. What, wash blouse by hand! Yes, anything can happen. NYC is sleeping!

Mika proudly announced, my son in Law school in Chicago FedEx his laundry to us in NY weekly!

Housekeeping — This is essential for your health. First, learn what to use and how to use each one. Learn how to clean your living space- organize, take the trash out, sanitize your bathroom and kitchen, and proper handwashing.

Sewing- First, buy needles and tread and learn how to replace bottom in your blouse or trouser. It takes time and patience to replace a button. The button is basic sewing, and it takes a few minutes to 24 hours of practice. But it is a necessity. I brought out my sewing machine today because my family needs face masks. And, I got an idea from dusting the machine for this content. I used it last in 2014. The beauty of a learned skill — — always alive and well!

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All the above skills are necessary for you and me. Many of us have housekeeper , maid, or spouse to rescue us in times of need, but as my mother says, “ maid can call in sick or leaves at 6 am” on Monday morning. Your life goes on with these skills, learn them on YouTube for free.

Social distancing works, stay home, and learn or improve your life skills!

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LMSW🧠Social Worker* Lifestyle Consultant* Health/Recovery Coach* I enjoy putting things together• I write stories that help you grow @bybassey. Kulifestyle.com

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